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Teachers – Instructors


Excellent teaching includes continuous development of one’s own teaching and guidance skills, teaching and guidance practices that promote students’ learning and competence, the ability to develop and use learning materials, and participation in community teaching development work.

Continuous development of own teaching and guidance skills

Excellence can be seen in the continuous development of one’s own skills.


  • Systematically evaluates and develops his own activities and professional competence related to teaching and guidance.
  • Systematically collects feedback on the teaching and guidance he gives from students and colleagues, and gives counter-feedback to the students on the feedback he receives.
  • Use the feedback they collect and the evaluation of their own activities systematically in the development of teaching and guidance.
  • Deepen their understanding of the effects of different teaching methods on learning processes. He systematically develops his teaching and guidance based on his pedagogical training, existing research knowledge and his own pedagogical research.
  • Share their knowledge and good practices related to teaching, learning and guidance to their colleagues and academic communities orally and in writing (e.g. by discussing, participating in national and international conferences and writing pedagogical publications and scientific articles, etc.).


Teaching and guidance practices promote students’ learning and competence

The teaching and guidance practices of an excellent teacher support students’ learning and competence in a versatile and systematic way.


  • Plans and implements his teaching systematically in such a way that the teaching competence goals, contents, teaching and learning methods, teaching tools and materials, and assessment are in line with each other.
  • Systematically involves students in the planning and implementation of teaching and discusses the pedagogical solutions of his teaching with them.
  • Records the Competence Objectives of his teaching and discusses them with his students at the beginning and during the course. encourages students to search for information themselves, to structure and apply it in a new way, and to build information in a community, for example in the form of joint publications.
  • Brings substantive and pedagogical research knowledge of his own field to his teaching and guidance situations.
  • Together with his students and supervisees, the teacher monitors the international and national development of his discipline.

In evaluating learning and competence, the teacher uses goal-oriented, versatile and pedagogically justified evaluation practices. The teacher implements the assessment as an integral part of the teaching and learning process.

The teaching and guidance practice is to give students constructive feedback on learning and competence. The teacher understands the challenges and needs related to students’ learning and respects and supports the students’ individual development. The teacher systematically takes into account the diversity and internationality of the students in his teaching and uses this appropriately.

The ability to develop and use learning material

An excellent teacher develops up-to-date learning material based on research in his field. The teacher also uses ready-made material made and shared by others and develops it together with colleagues and students.

The learning material is:

  • Systematically in line with teaching goals, contents, methods and evaluation.
  • Diverse; it can be e.g. a publication, video, other digital material or application.
  • Smoothly available to students and openly available online or in other ways.

The use of learning materials and digital learning environments promotes students’ learning and the development of scientific thinking and argumentation skills.

The teacher presents and shares his own learning materials to his colleagues and the community. The learning material is widely known in the teaching of the field and is also used internationally.

Teachers and Instructors

Excellent teachers and instructors as well as teaching and guidance practices support students’ learning and competence in a versatile and systematic way.